Playgrounds for Older Adults

Playgrounds for


playground_news_feature_4_seniorsThis is an interesting concept. 

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Motion Wellness system is a breakthrough seniors’ Play structure developed to reduce seniors’ fall-related injuries and potentially save lives that may be lost due to fall.

“With our new Motion wellness system seniors’ falls can be dramatically reduced through play.” states Mr. Chaham, Director of Sales for Xccent Fitness. Motion Wellness system improves stability, balance and coordination. It also allows social interaction and socialization so the training process becomes fun, un-intimidating and effective.

The WHO (World Health organization) stats indicate that one-third of people aged 65 years and over typically fall once or more each year. Falls are the most common cause of injury and the 6th leading cause of death for seniors; almost half of admissions to long-term care facilities are fall-related.

The CDC (Centers for disease control and Prevention) released that in 2010, the total direct medical costs of fall injuries for people 65 and older, adjusted for inflation was $30 billion. The CDC claims that by 2020, the annual direct and indirect cost of fall injuries is expected to reach $54.9 billion. Among community-dwelling older adults, fall-related injury is one of the 20 most expensive medical conditions.

“Falls are caused by a lack of balance or an inability to recover balance.”, says Mr. Chaham. “There are many factors that can influence balance, including some age-related body, physical and mental health problems, and environmental trip hazards. Physicians, nurses and care givers often interact with older adult patients who have experienced a fall or fall-related event, yet there are few validated tools readily available to assess the nature of the risk and guide the application of proven fall prevention strategies.”, concludes Mr. Chaham.

The goal of Xccent’s Motion Wellness Systems is to dramatically reduce the growing number of falls and fractures among older adults by engaging primary care physicians, nurses, and other senior care givers to use the playful structure as an assessment platform and later as fall prevention training tool.

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2 Replies to “Playgrounds for Older Adults”

  1. I think it shows good thinking outside the box. It’s also looks like a great way to promote inter-generational activities. That walking bridge raised my eyebrows, however. I wonder if people will see it as a children’s play set and avoid using it, or will they embrace it, hmm.

    1. I actually went out to the company and saw these. I had some suggestion, which is just me…but overall thought it was great. Price points are wonderful and I hope they catch one. These are also great for rehab centers too!

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