Poem – Fallen Rose Petal

Fallen Rose Petal

This poem was written by Heather Buckby.  It is a poem for her Nana who had suffered with Alzheimer for many years.  She wrote the poem for her Christmas present in 2011.  Here Nana later passed away in February 2012.

The past concludes, how much I’d mean to you

Although your disintegrating mind deceits you

Your eyes portray my individuality

The repeated word meaning of quality,

Your lost,

One day you’ll be found

But to late to breathe or make a sound

Incapable to help, I watch you fade

The pain in my heart never fades.

You’ll not understand the love I try to render,

However yours can be tender,

Grasp my hand, refuse to let go

Reaching for sanity that will never grow


You laugh and smile,

It can last a while,

But behind there is no reconcile

Gaze at me with them eluded eyes

I smile back as if we can recognise,

In your eyes I see bewildered blue showing happiness,

You can see my disguise,

You see gratified green,

When I leave you there’s floods of grieve

I am the stem you are the beautiful red rose petals,

trying to hold you together,

I’d try to do it forever

No matter how many petals slowly fall,

The stem holds on to the eyes of your soul

For more information on Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and caregiving visit our website


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