Poem – The Empty Chair – Caring For a Loved One With Dementia

The Empty Chair

by Rita J. “Boop’ Girard

chairThis is the chair where my mom used to sit,
We’d share a little breakfast and chit-chat a bit.
The birds would be singing a charming little song,
The sun would be shining all the day long.
My Mom’s face had the prettiest glow,
All brightness and smiles…adorned with a shiny Halo.
Then Alzheimer’s stepped in and left its dirty mark,
Seized someone so precious, and hid her in the dark.
And if that wasn’t enough, he brought in his friends,
Who were equally cruel…
The Dementia Family who broke all the rules.
They worked in tandem to confuse and destroy,
To obliterate her memories, suppress her sensibilities,
And to extinguish her joy!
They reduced her life to moment by moment;
And danced in glee as if the battle had been won!

But little did they know, she had her own magnificent team,
Of Family and Friends…and Father God, the King!
Life in the moment wasn’t as bad as it seemed…
Because moment by moment had nano-moments in between.
A life time of love is not an insignificant thing,
As her love of God earned her Angel Wings.
As I bid you goodbye, with tears in my eyes,
A smile on my face, with lips that sigh,
A grateful heart, my life blessed by the Son…
I am you Daughter, you will forever be my Mom.

For Resources To Help You When Dealing With Dementia See Below:

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