Poems about Alzheimer’s disease by Norrms McNamara

Norrms McNamara speaks & writes from his heart on Alzheimer’s disease

Here are a couple of poems written by Norrms McNamara, who has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.  Norrms has decided to share his journey with the world as he continues to speak and write… sharing with us what it really feels like to have this disease.   Thanks Norrms for allowing us to peak inside your world. 

Frightened Little Boy 

As I tell my tale of Alzheimer`s,
Through smiles and heartfelt joy,
When really, somewhere deep inside
I`m just a frightened little boy,
I’ve faced many things in my life,
Some things too hard to tell,
But Alzheimer`s and all it brings,
Makes my life, a living hell,
Every day a piece of me,
Is lost, forever gone,
It won’t give up I know,
Until memories I have none, 

Norrms McNamara



Hear My Cry’s 

Voice`s fading, not through age,

Dementia building it`s sound proof cage,

Listening in but nothing out,

Unable to talk but able to shout,

Frustration runs through every bone,

Feeling so empty, always alone,

Hear me cry, silently so,

One day happy, then so low,

I`m still me, deep inside,

Nothing to fear, nothing to hide,

 Unable to say what`s on my mind

To those I love, to one so kind,

Hear my cry`s, I’m still here

See my eyes fill with tears,

Until the day we meet again,

And walk among the sunny glen,

Know my heart is always yours,

Until the closing of life`s door`s


Norrms McNamara



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