Poetry by Barry Pankhurst – Loves Lament

 Loves Lament

Poetry by Barry Pankhurst

My head lay cushioned upon your silken breast,
Your tears of sorrow caressing at my nape,
As the fingers of an angel soothing my brow,
Yet the heart within you was echoing out lament,
For those destined moments since set to one side,
As the confusions within me will not subside,
This illness of my mind is just tearing me apart,
But this loving kiss I can still place on your heart,
I’d dreamed of twilight years walking hand in hand,
The romance of our love defying the blossoms of time,
For the love from your heart had been more than mere words,
Since you entered my life with the tenderness of your soul,
Now as my being diminishes betwixt life and death,
Yet still comely unto my eyes is your every breath,
So weep not a tear for what you behold in your arms,
As my spirit will guide thee ever steadfast and strong,
Then whence I lay my head upon the soft clouds of God,
Embalm my body with every essence of your love,
Thus as your guardian angel I shall forever oversee,
Until time doth come for ye to accompany me,
Thence once more we shall enfold our undying love,
Never parting us again with thoughts of lament…

Barry ©


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