Reframing Valentine’s Day

So Often We Feel Sad On Valentine’s Day

If We Don’t Have a Current Love In Our Life

My Challenge Is To Reframe Expectations For You Valentine’s Day.

Have It Represent All Of Your Life, Not Just One Day!

Many people are experiencing loss of a loved one. That might be an actual passing or so often someone we love has left our life for one reason or another. It might be a breakup. One that was chosen by one person and not understood by the other, and sometimes not accepted as final either. Sometime there is a mutually agreement to part ways.

In the case of illness, it may be an outcome that no one chose. It may be just a matter of circumstances. Tough, uncomfortable circumstances.

No matter what your situation is, there is always something to be grateful for. Those individuals who have found their soul mate, which most of us long for; instead of being sad or jealous, I suggest you celebrate their brilliance. Their example which can give us hope of the possibility of things to come.

For those who feel alone, I challenge you to embrace the moments of your past, when you have felt loved by another. When your face lit upon just thinking about them, let alone being with them. The moments you felt safe, happy, and accepted for who you are even in your rawest of forms. The moment you felt a deep love for someone, and you felt that love returned to you. Maybe it was a pet, a location, or a situation that filled your soul.

If you your loved has dementia, you may feel a loss for the way things were. I challenge you to embrace to gifts of what remains. Just because there are things you can’t do a certain way anymore, doesn’t mean those things can’t be modified to still create joyful moments that touch both your souls. Sometimes sitting quietly holding someone’s hand is the most peaceful place to be, or seeing that beautiful smile, glint in a eye, soft giggle, or the drop of a joyful tear.

We have all had those moments were love in many forms has made us feel whole. Made us feel like we truly belong in this world. Made us feel like we matter and gives us purpose to love others more.

Don’t Buy Into The Commercialization Valentine’s Day Is Only About

Romantic Love

It is about many forms of love. Love for family members, a parent, a child, a sibling, or extended or stepfamily members. We can celebrate love for friends, colleagues, teachers, mentors, neighbors and even strangers that have made an impact on our lives. And please don’t forget about Self Love. So many times, we disregard the importance of loving ourselves and how that gift lets us love others more deeply.

Spread love and kindness throughout the world by sharing your loving thoughts with others. Turn off the news that all too often highlights the ugliness of our world and make someone else’s day.

So, this Valentine’s Day Remember & Embrace All The Loving Moments

You’ve Been Lucky Enough To Experience In Your Life.

I am filled with appreciation and love to our community members.

May you all have a blessed and full day filled with all the loving moments you have been lucky enough to experience.

Lori La Bey, Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks

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