RELIEF FROM REPETITIVE QUESTIONS – Alzheimer’s Disease & Memory Loss


By Jeannette Twomey

My mother’s repetitive questions were a symptom of her early- to mid-stage Alzheimer’s. She would focus on something really basic, like “Have I had breakfast yet?”, and ask me over and over again all morning. I answered earnestly many times in a brief period, until my patience finally wore thin.


I began to try out different coping strategies. On my best behavior, I told Mom politely that I had just answered her question; I posted notes, pretended I didn’t hear, or engaged her in a serious talk to discuss the problem. I changed the subject or left her dirty dishes on the table, so I could point to them as a visual reminder. On my worst behavior, I lectured with irritation in my voice, starting with the regrettable words “Don’t you remember . . .?


If there are common themes to caregiving – and especially Alzheimer’s caregiving – the search for creative coping strategies is one. Any new, outside-the-box approach holds a tantalizing promise of relief from some of the most frustrating challenges. The innovative tips and techniques I’ve collected over the years have turned tense situations into manageable experiences.


My own contribution to the caregiver toolbox is the Kind Reminder ™ ( , a simplified, wearable recorder where caregivers can leave comforting, reassuring messages for early- to mid-stage Alzheimer’s patients. It is lightweight and worn as a pendant. There are no confusing controls – only one big button for playback.


A typical message might be “Hi, Mom. You have already had breakfast and taken all of your medicine. Mary is here with you, and I will be back after lunch. Have a great day!”


My mother plays these personalized messages over and over again to keep things straight in her mind. I can change messages easily and as often as I like. The Kind Reminder ™ is one of those small improvements that can make a big differen 


The "Kind Reminder"











Contact  Information:

Senior Creative Products, LLC

“Home of the Kind Reminder™”

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