Residents at the Hebrew Home and RiverWalk Do a Fun Video on Aging Well

No matter what you hear on the weather forecast, we can guarantee sunny skies above the Hebrew Home. That’s because our first-ever music video, Walking on Sunshine, featuring many of the Hebrew Home and RiverWalk residents, is making its debut on May 30th. This is a perfect song selection as our residents bring sunshine, warmth and smiles to us and their families every day. Our decision to create a music video was an easy one – as we looked to capture the essence of our Living Well philosophy visually. From poetry reading to cooking to creating works of art, our residents are “living well” every day.


As Older Americans Month comes to an end, let this video serve as a reminder that age is just a number – not a mindset. Whether you are 22 or 92, your spirit and uniqueness remains with you. Age cannot define who we are – it is just one of many characteristics that belong to each of us.


17 Replies to “Residents at the Hebrew Home and RiverWalk Do a Fun Video on Aging Well”

  1. This video made me smile! Videos like these are a fantastic way to show the activities your community offers, all the while showing the fun and vibrant lives your residents enjoy.

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