Rose’s Memory – A Game for People with Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Rose’s Memory – A Game for People with Alzheimer’s & Dementia


Rose’s Memory, specialize in making social memory games for people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The founder Larry Hartman created this company in memory of his mother Audrey Rose who suffered from Dementia later in life. Audrey Rose was the mother of three of the founding members of the company. She suffered multiple small strokes over the last several years of her life.

In mid January, 2010 Rose suffered a stroke which she was hospitalized for and then moved to a rehabilitation facility. Some days were good, but there were setbacks as she continued to have small strokes. Her family was by her side as she fought for every moment to stay with them. She passed away on March 8th of 2010.

Family and Friends understand the sum of her life was not those last few difficult months, but was the 81 years she lived; full of adventures, hard work, some sorrows, and much laughter.

Having those precious moments with family is what Rose’s Memory games
are all about. To help you honor, enjoy and build memories as you
help your loved one; be it your wife, husband, grandma, grandpa, father, mother or friend.   These tools are designed to keep things entertaining while improving the cognitive ability of the people playing the game.

In the video below you will see an example of how the cards work.

And for a full list of tools please visit our website at

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