Samsung Is Looking For Your Help Test New Equipment For Dementia Care

Samsung Is Looking For Your Help

Test Equipment For Dementia Care

New York or New Jersey Area Preferred

Samsung is looking for a family caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.  They would like the person with dementia to live  in the NYC area. 

They are looking for a long distance caregiver, but will consider a short distance caregiver is a well. 

Ideally, Samsung would like to work with a family that can not afford around the clock or someone who travels for business but needs to keep a close eye on a loved one.

The family must be willing to speak to and be filmed by the media about their experience of using the equipment.

If you believe you meet the above criteria and would be willing to test a security camera system please let me know. 

I will do a preliminary screening and gather your information to pass onto to Samsung.  Please contact Lori La Bey by making a comment here on the blog or through the Alzheimer’s Speaks Website Contact Us button.

Click on the Photo Below for a Short Video of a

Family Using Cameras To Assist in Caregiving

The high costs of caring someone with dementia compliments of CBS NEWS

samsung_video_snapSamsung SmartCams, can be used to monitor loved ones living with medical disabilities such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. Whether at work, the next town over or across the globe, these cameras allow family members to keep an eye on what’s going on while continuing with their everyday lives.

Below is a video which explains the equipment which would be similar to what you would be testing.

Please note you will need a computer and internet access with a router.  You can monitor anytime and from anywhere. You can download an app on your iPhone or Android Smartphone, Use your iPad or Android Tablet, or monitor online on your MAC or PC.

Think what this system could do for you and your loved one.


smartcamClick above for more details


5 Replies to “Samsung Is Looking For Your Help Test New Equipment For Dementia Care”

  1. I am a short distance caregiver
    My mother has dementia.
    Lives with Brother and his wife.
    On a special note I am an assistant professor of Geronlology and would like to help with research, as well.

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