Seniors and Driving – What You Need To Know

Seniors and Driving

We know Seniors and Driving is a hot topic in most families, but did you know cities, police, and our doctors worry about this issue too?  Today our expert panel addresses common concerns, tips, and resources to help you address driving in a respectful and proactive way. Find more information on our panel and resource links below.

Panel of Experts

Cheryl Salo is passionate about helping mature drivers be safer on the roads. She has been an instructor with AARP Driver Safety for 10 years and is the Minnesota State Coordinator for the program.  An important part of the curriculum is the unit on “What the Road Ahead Looks Like” with discussion on alternate travel options and how to approach those who should no longer be driving.

Cheryl is a facilitator for in-person “We Need To Talk” seminars, a free 60-90 minute seminar with suggestions for those who are dealing with the difficult discussion of a loved one’s diminishing driving ability. 

Mike Jaafar has nearly 30 years in Law Enforcement and serves as the Undersheriff of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.  Undersheriff Jaafar is a proud graduate of the FBI National Academy and the Eastern Michigan Police Staff and Command Center for Regional and National Security.  Undersheriff Jaafar is a father of 5 beautiful children and married to his lovely wife, Angela.

As a world-renowned International Dementia Advocate & Connecter, he has been featured in nationally syndicated TV, radio, and other media outlets. He has written for blogs, newspapers, journals, and websites and shared his personal perspective as a guest speaker.

Michael served on the PA Alzheimer’s Disease Planning Committee and other advisory councils. He testified before the government and has three letters published in the U.S. Congressional Record. He was a regular speaker at NAPA and was featured in the ADI’s 2012 World Alzheimer’s Report. He represented the U.S./World for people living with dementia at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

He is interested in motivating those with Alzheimer’s to raise their voices and reduce the stigma surrounding the disease. Michael wrote about his journey with the disease in his book entitled “From the Corner Office to Alzheimer’s.”

Ron is involved in his local agent’s association having served as its president in 2012, as well as serving as chair of the Professional Development Committee for the Big “I” Michigan (formerly MAIA). Ron also served on the Big I Michigan board of directors for 7 years.   Ron has received numerous designations in his field, including certified insurance counselor, certified professional insurance agent, and most recently certified authority in worker’s compensation.  Ron earned qualification into the 2014 President’s Club by Auto-Owners Insurance and repeated this again in 2021.

Ron is also an ordained minister and a standup comic in his spare time. He combines his expertise in the insurance industry with his passion for helping his clients and other professionals.

Ann Forrest Clark has worked in the field of driver rehabilitation for over 40 years.  She provides clinical evaluations through St. Luke’s Hospital of Duluth, MN, and is the owner of Safer Driver, LLC driving school.  She enjoys helping people continue to drive safely through training in the use of adaptive equipment.  She also supports people when driving retirement is indicated.

Dr. Brittany Lamb is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, dementia family educator, and advocate. Outside of the ER, Dr. Lamb supports and educates dementia family caregivers, on the importance of, and how to, plan for future medical decisions. Her goal is to deliver the information needed to make informed decisions into the hands of family caregivers through social media, a blog, and an online self-paced program.

Email Lance Slatton and Lori La Bey with Conscious Caregiving with L & L through their website  You can also access their other websites from here too.  

Resources To Support You

AARP Driver Safety classes

AARP driver-related resources

CarFit educational events

The “We Need To Talk” seminars

Need to Talk Seminar introduction video

The Hartford Guidebook WE NEED TO TALK – For Family Conversations with Older Drivers

The Hartford Guidebook AT THE CROSSROADS – For Family Conversations About Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia & Driving

To order Hartford free guidebooks –

MN Driver Rehabilitation Programs

Driver Safety & Driving Assessment

Fitness-to-Drive Screening

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

Michigan’s Guide for Aging Drivers and Their Families

Articles on Seniors & Driving

Car Free Me

Ride Share 2 Vote

Free Private Facebook Community: Medical decision making for your loved one with dementia | Facebook

Online Self-Paced Program: MakeYourPlan – Brittany Lamb ( Self-paced course with lifetime access

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio – Shifting dementia care from crisis to comfort worldwide one episode at a time by raising all voices and delivering sound news, not just sound bites since 2011.

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