Snap that Bra!                    By Lori La Bey

Given my Mother is 81 years old at this writing, there is no doubt she is of the bra wearing generation.  It was no easy task, to convenience her otherwise when she no longer could dress herself.  Mom would get so mad when she could not snap her bra in the back any more.  We tried all different kinds of bras.   Front hooks, pullovers… None worked.  After much discussion, I got her to agree to wear a camisole.  That is until she complained to my Brother’s girlfriend who said she would take her shopping for bras.  I almost passed out thinking of Mom’s wrath against me.  For starters I was the recipient of a 2 ½ hour drive home from the lake with Mom’s arms crossed, her face beat red, and negative comments flying my way about how mean I am to take her bras away.  I learned quickly after this mistake to make sure everyone knows Moms pressing issues, and what the plan is to fix them!

2 Replies to “SNAP THAT BRA!”

  1. I can laugh now, but boy was I upset with my brother’s girlfiriend at the time, even though I knew she was just trying to help. I also find it strange how my Mom could hold onto to her anger and let me have it over and over and over again on this bra issue. Other things she would just let slide but get her upset and watch out for the fireworks!


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