Some Tips for the Person Diagnosed


“Some Tips for the Person Diagnosed”

 By Barry Pankhurst


For me the most paramount stepping stone of advice is: Accept your illness for what it is and that “as yet” nothing can take it away… or cure the condition…



Try to maintain a strong positive attitude of determination and fight… so don’t give up just because things have become more difficult, just keep saying to yourself ‘Yes I still can do things’ but it takes me a bit longer!  



Try to keep the brain as actively stimulated as possible, reading, writing a daily diary of your condition, if you know how to use a computer then keep on using it despite the difficulties and frustrations, try doing simple word games-crossword puzzles, as the key words to remember here with the brain are:

(Use it, or lose it!)



Stay as physically active as possible with daily exercise such as walking to try and retain some muscular tone, try to do physical exercise that requires brain to limb mixed coordination such as (Step–up’s) as this can help with the problem of leg movement freezing…



Try to keep your daily life in as much as normal routine as possible and avoid watching too much TV as that’s none brain stimulus…



Try to maintain a hobby or even start a new hobby; don’t just assume that because you have dementia that it’s imposable (I taught myself how to use the computer after I was diagnosed)



Just keep saying to yourself (I won’t give in, I won’t give up, I can fight this illness all the way)



Remember you’re not alone with the illness… and above all else “Remember” your darling spouse is suffering as much anxiety as you are and most likely even more so…



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