Song: Halfway to Heaven

“Halfway to Heaven” is a song written for Joyce Ann Barczyk by her husband John Barczyk. There are a lot of songs about Alzheimer’s disease, but John felt there was something missing in all of them – hope. John’s goal was to frame the long hard struggle as a journey with many identifiable steps along the way, and help sufferers and their families find comfort in each successive crisis. When the song was shared with Kaitlin Ridgeway, a board-certified music therapist with Hospice of Michigan, she sang it to Joyce and then to other patients. Kaitlin commented, “I have played that song for other patients and families and every time they find such an emotional connection to the words.”

Kaitlin recorded “Halfway to Heaven” on her phone and sent it to John. John added an introduction he recorded on his phone and some images. That is what you will hear and see in the video above.

Joyce was a wonderful wife to John for over 50 years, a mother to four great kids, and an RN for whom no sacrifice was too great. She had a ready smile that never dimmed and faced her diagnosis with courage and determination. Joyce will be remembered for the comfort and joy she lovingly displayed to others. As a nurse, a friend, a mom, and a grandmother, she was always willing to offer help and support.

Joyce Ann Barczyk, of Lakeville, Michigan, passed peacefully on July 14, 2022 after a long, hard battle with early onset Alzheimer disease.

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