Speak Up and Make a Difference…The Back Alley

Speak Up and Make a Difference                      By Lori La Bey

The little things you notice can make a big difference.  Bring them up to the appropriate parties.  Remember, we all see things differently and the more eyes and perceptions the better.  Here is something I mentioned, having no idea where they might go with the nursing home my Mother lived in. 

The Back Alley

This example came about from me not being too happy with a decision the Nursing Home was making.  They like many businesses were reassessing how to keep a float with all the changes in healthcare.   They had decided the front side of the first floor was going to turn into a transitional care unit. 

Well, you may ask, “What’s the big deal Lori?” 

For me the problem was my Mother lived on the first floor and had a front room facing the waterfall.  She was now going to be moved to the backside of the Nursing Home, which faced the alley.  Her view would be a service road lined with a fence.  Mom loved her view of the waterfall especially since she thought I built it!

Off to Doug the Administrator I went.  This time I was not so pleasant, and Doug and I laugh about our conversation now.  He tells everyone he felt about 2 inches tall by the time I got through with him.  The wonderful thing about our conversation, or my ranting, was Doug let me vent and listened to my concerns.  He went home that night, not feeling good about our conversation, but he also did not brush me off as a nut case. 

Doug got the point that if this move was going to take place, my request to have the back alley spruced up was not unreasonable.   It made sense from a quality of life standpoint. Maybe I did not tactfully state it, but he could see my point.  Doug talked with his superiors and the next thing I know they are planting Rose brushes, and all sorts of other plantings, adding seasonal flags, along with an assortment of ground plaques.  I was amazed.  In this small area, no wider than three feet, a beautiful garden now grows.  The colors and scents are wonderful.  It changes in every season.  Even wreaths are added to the fence, during our Minnesota winters. 

I have to give credit where credit is due. Doug, the Administrator, is and always has been a true professional working on the behalf of his residents.  Kudos Doug!

As simple and goofy as ideas can sound, I encourage you to speak your thoughts.   If something is calling you to pay attention, do it.  Look for the whys.  Focus on increasing the simple quality of life issues that arise in everyday living.  You may be amazed how your ideas are received.  I know I was.

2 Replies to “Speak Up and Make a Difference…The Back Alley”

  1. While I give credit to Doug “The Administrator” for listening and taking action to resolve your concern, the concern first had to be brought to him. Too many of us sit back in our complacency waiting on someone else to come along and step up to draw attention to an issue that we may have identified days, weeks, or even months ago. Thank you Lori for showing us all that being proactive and taking the initiative to speak up can have both positive and rewarding results.

    1. HI Gary,
      Thanks for your comment. You are right. It is easy for us all to sit back and complain and whine about things that matter to us verse taking the time and the energy to mention the issue and try to resovle it. Communicating our needs is critical to all relationships, and it takes on a whole new role when we are representing and in a role of protecting others.

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