Pre-Production and Publicity is officially underway for what promises to be an award laden project.


Research has shown that the majority of Americans believe that Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects senior citizens exclusively. About 5 percent of Americans who develop Alzheimer’s start experiencing symptoms before the age of 65, some as young as 30-40. This is 200,000 people afflicted, and millions affected by a disease that most overlook and misdiagnosed until it is too late.  A film in the pre-production phases by  Arizona Production Company, Hungry Coyote Entertainment plans to shed light on the truth behind this devastating disease.

FADED FLOWERS is a feature film in Pre Production that is the first major motion picture to highlight Early Onset Alzheimer’s. With perennial star, Rosanna Arquette already attached to the project via Letter of Intent, and a handful of yet to be named celebrities in the negotiation phases, the film’s potential to shed awareness on this elusive illness is staggering at the very least.

FADED FLOWERS is the story of Virginia Flowers, a vivacious attorney who learns she has early onset Alzheimer’s, the same fatal disease that recently prompted her husband’s suicide.  This smart, sassy woman with robust desires and urgent needs, refuses to surrender to the disease   and must also battle   her daughter’s conspiracy to control her assets.

A script review by The Page Awards provided the following:

“The story of FADED FLOWERS, centering on the tragedy of Alzheimer’s disease is important and significant enough to warrant theatrical release…”


“…Dramas like this, in which the main character is mentally challenged, are often considered Oscar material…”


The film’s Executive Producer, Anthony D’ Alessio of Hungry Coyote Entertainment, and prolific independent director, Tom Larkin have created a PSA highlighting the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The PSA focuses on Early Onset Alzheimer’s with the main character, Sophia, talking about the loss of her grandmother to Alzheimer’s while the audience realizes her mother is now suffering from many of the same symptoms.

The PSA’s purpose is to start spreading awareness about Early Onset Alzheimer’s.  Through support from various blogs, news sources, and organizations, the video clip has managed to achieve almost 25,000 hits on youtube in less than a month. This is phenomenal traction for an independent release, and it’s trajectory can only be expected to continue with a growing trend.

FADED FLOWERS has launched their official Web Site . This site will serve as the central repository of information for anything to do with FADED FLOWERS, including cast signings, production milestones, and future press releases. The site will also serve as an information source for Early Onset Alzheimer’s by providing a feed to the designated twitter hashtag for the film, and Early Onset Alzheimer’s awareness, #fadedflowers .

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