Surprise Radio Show Honoring Richard Taylor’s Dementia Work

Surprise Radio Show Honoring

Dr. Richard Taylor’s Dementia Work



Join us and we gather people around the world to talk about the power of one man and changes he has brought about in Dementia Care Culture.  If you would like to share with Richard how he has touched your life, please make a comment below so we can string them together and make it easy for him to access.

May you heal quickly Richard.  You have all of our thoughts and prayers wrapped around you and your family while you go through your treatment for cancer. 

Click here to listen to the show

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for all of his products, access to his wonderful newsletter and presentations and more!



Please check out

Alzheimer’s Speaks

International Collaborative Resources.


If you are interesting in participating in our resource directory please click on the the gold button in the upper right corner that says  “Partnering Options – Share That You Care” and you will be stepped through how.

3 Replies to “Surprise Radio Show Honoring Richard Taylor’s Dementia Work”

  1. Hello … of all the faces/portraits of Richard Taylor that are out there, this photo made by Cathy Greenblat I find especially beautiful! It reminds me to the expression on Richard’s face when we sat in a train between the mountain village Zweisimmen and the city of Berne. After a wonderful day of meeting each other for the first time, Richard offered to me his inevitable bottle of Coke, after he had taken the first good swig: “Would you like it, too…?” Startled, I replied: “Oh, thank you, but – the whole bottle?” “Well – I hope not!” Richard laughed and kept his broadest smile on his face while we shared his bottle, sip by sip. I felt so honored and happy, for it was like a ritual that said: Yes – now we are friends! Tina

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