Susan Suchan – Shifting Dementia Care on World Alzheimer’s Day

   Celebrating World Alzheimer’s Day

2017 Recipient of the

Richard Taylor Memorial Advocates Award


Honoring Susan Suchan

For Her Generous and Gracious Work

I have been honored over the years to work with Susan on Dementia Chats, a video series where the expert all have a form of dementia.  Dementia Chats is just one of many platforms Susan leverages to help improve dementia care. I’m so thrilled for Susan to get this award!  🙂

Watch for her documentary near the future called “Susan’s Story.”


WEGO Health is looking to fill another Truvio study at the beginning of next week (either to launch Monday or Tuesday). The compensation for this survey will be $50 Amazon gift card.

They are looking for mild Alzheimer’s patients as well to take the survey.

If you’re a caregiver and your loved one would like to participate as well, please let me know. We’d love to have them! If you know of any other patients who would like to speak up as well, please let them know.

They will need your name, email addresses, phone number and patient/caregiver status so they can enter them into the system.


 The Impact of Humor and Laughter

when Living with Dementia

We discussed the impact of humor and laughter as perceptions of both change as the disease progresses. I think you might be surprised at some points made by those living with dementia during this conversation.

Dementia Cruise of Compassion & Camaraderie

Join Us – We Still Have Room

We are honored by your response to our offering of the Dementia Friendly Symposium and Cruise and we are encouraging people to book their cabins before we are sold out!

For more details on the symposium and cruise go to

Click here for the Symposium Program

Kathy Shoaf the travel agent handling the symposium and cruise can be reached at: 219-608-2002 or email her at

Click Below to Download the Tips

Helpful Tips when Dealing with Dementia

Find a Memory Cafe & Get Resources

Read More to Get Resources

Push Research Forward. Join the A-List

An Important message from our friend Meryl Comer:

We want what you want when it comes to figuring out solutions to the challenges we all face on our personal Alzheimer’s journeys. Take the critical issue of recruitment for clinical trials. How do you figure out whether you or a loved one is eligible, or if there is even a trial or study close to home? These simple online tools from two trusted A-List partners will help you get started, so just click below to get started.

Roobrik: click here to take a free, 4-minute assessment to learn more about clinical research and decide whether participating in a research study is right for you. You will be asked a series of questions to help you understand how factors such as age and health can affect which studies you might be eligible for, and what exactly is involved in clinical studies.

Antidote: click here when you are ready to look for a clinical trial. You will be asked a series of questions to determine which trials may be right for you.

Please give us feedback on your experience and look out for the next round of decision tree tools on issues like “Is It Still Smart To Drive” and “Is Homecare Right For You.”

Meryl Comer, A-List Team Member & 20-year Alzheimer’s care partner



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