Talking Tech Options To Live Well With Dementia

Lori La Bey talks with Abbie Richie who hosts Tech Tuesdays on Foresight TV and Tech Talks on CBS Channel 5. She is a TEDx speaker, a member of the AARP’s AgeTech Collaborative, and the director of corporate communications for The Smarter Service.

Tech Options To Live Well With Dementia

Tips For Picking and Customizing Technology To Meet Your Needs

  1. Televisions
  2. Phones
  3. Computers
  4. Hearing Aids
  5. Monitoring Systems
  6. Voice Transcribing
  7. Notifications
  8. Avoiding Scams
  9. Social Engagement Apps

Tips For Picking and Customizing Technology To Meet Your Needs

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Our Panel today consists of Craig Hanke, Ginger Smith, Harry Urban, Laurie Scherrer, Jennifer Bute, and Truthful Loving Kindness who are all living with dementia.  You will hear about when they got diagnosed, how their diagnosis has changed over the years, and how they are living life well with a form of dementia.  Some of our panelists have been living 15 to 20  plus years with dementia!

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