The Caregiving Experience – Share Yours

The Caregiving Experience – Share Yours

As we all know, the Caregiving Experience is unique to each individual and family member.  Larry Force, Ph.D. and Gerontologist, is in the process of collecting Personal Essays, Narratives, Stories & Reflections on the Experience of Caregiving – for a Book titled: The Detoxing of Caregivers: Key Tips for Survival, Strength & Patience. I am asking if you would be kind enough to contribute to this work by submitting material. You can choose the format, i.e., it can be in the format of:

●    a reflection (a small paragraph)

●    an essay or personal story (a page or more)

●    a favorite quote that you have used

●    a poem that you love

●    an example of a strategy that has not worked for you

●    an example of a strategy that has worked for you

  • areas in your Caregiving Life – that are the most difficult
  • areas in your Caregiving Life – where you draw the most strength from.

You choose the format that works for you. Please know, all material will be referenced anonymously (unless you want your name included).

Please submit material to:

Many Thanks for helping with this Project.

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