The Country Doctor Revisited: A Twenty-First Century Reader

Hi all I wanted to share a press release for a friend of mine,  Dr. Therese Zink and her new book.  Congrats Therese!

 ZUMBROTA, Minnesota  (September 12, 2010)

 Available  now.  The Country Doctor Revisited: A Twenty-First Century Reader.  This collection of new stories, poems, and essays, written by rural health care professionals across the United States, captures the joys and tribulations of rural health today.

 Rural health care in the United States has changed dramatically in just 30 years. (Less than a lifetime.) An increasingly diverse clientele has sparked the need for diverse doctors and nurses with an equally diverse assortment of skills. The contributors to this collection marvel, grumble, grapple, poke fun and meditate on the beauty and challenges they have encountered in the valleys, on the reservations, and in the small towns of rural America.

 It is now much more than Norman Rockwell’s physician taking care of farmers. The global age has reached rural America. Independently owned clinics have given way to a massive system of hospitals, new technology now brings specialists right to the patient’s bedside. An ICU patient is allowed to remain in his local hospital, because an intensivist monitors him by camera and computer over an hour away at the regional referral center.

 “This book will irrevocably change the traditional view of the country doctor. The writings in this collection are as wildly diverse and surprising as the rapidly changing field of rural medicine.”

–Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD, author Medicine in Translation and Editor-in-Chief Bellevue Literary Review 

“The Country Doctor Revisited captures the trials and tribulations of medicine, but also the satisfaction and the extraordinary rewards that come to those who embrace such a practice.”

–Abraham Verghese MD, author of Cutting For Stone and My Own Country 

“It is presented in a highly readable form that would be accessible to the general public as well as to the deliverers of health care. I recommend it most highly.”

–Richard Selzer, MD, Surgeon and Author 

Dr. Therese Zink, a professor at the University of Minnesota, teaches in the successful Rural Physician Associate Program (RPAP) and sees patients in rural Minnesota.  She worked with authors across the U.S. to create this anthology. Published by Kent State University Press, 2010 the book can be purchased at (  

Visit to read excerpts, download a discussion guide and read about the contributors.  


Therese Zink, MD, MPH

Phone:  (612) 625 9197


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