5 Replies to “The Film…Forgetful, Not Forgotten”

  1. What a wonderful film. So many tears are being shed over one “innocent sparrow”. So many of us carers have been there and wish we had not reacted that way. How can we change? “Flying” at those we love the most is an instant re-action to try to get through but at that stage in Alzheimers it is not realised that the sufferer cannot re-learn. In the past I have felt all the sorrow and guilt when I realised how much this hurt but please – it’s nobody’s fault and we’re all on a steep learning curve.

    1. HI Jane
      Thanks for takiing the time to write. Your comments are so true. We do need to change the way we “Fly” off the handle sometimes when dealing with someone with Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks again for you insights

      Have a blessed day!


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