The Healing Power of Music with Alzheimer’s Disease

Don’t ever under estimate the power of music!
Tami Briggs

A harpist friend of mine, Tami Briggs, recently showed me a wonderful new product called the  Amazing Mini Music Machine … affectionately called the AMMM Machine! 

It is about the size of coffee cup and is re-chargeable. It comes with a flash drive that is pre-loaded with five hours of her therapeutic harp music. Click Here (this is the YouTube address for the video to watch a short video clip with more information about this amazing new product.
 This is a great gift opportunity with the holidays right around the corner!
Amazing Mini Music Machine - Closed


Amazing Mini Music Machine - Opened

It comes with:

  • Battery charger
  • iPod charger (the AMMM Machine can be used as a speaker for your iPod)
  • Remote control (so you can go directly to any song)
  • Brief instructions for ease of use



Testimonials for the Amazing Mini Music Machine:

“Tami, I love the little boom box with your heavenly harp music. I am not good with mechanics and downloading, so this is perfect for me. It is simple to use. I took it right out of the box and in a few moments the music was playing. My room was filled with peace and tranquility. Thank you!”

CLICK HERE  to order yours today!

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