The Legacy Of Two Mother’s Change In Dementia Care

The Legacy Of  Two Mother’s – Their Impact Changing Dementia Care

This is a great story by Trish Van Pilsum of FOX 9, done February 12th.

Evelyn and Eloise were two mothers whose lives and deaths inspired an incredible chain of events that could change the lives of generations to come.

Judy Berry’s mother Evelyn, was repeatedly kicked out of communities due to behaviors her dementia caused.  The other option…drug her.  To her daughter Judy neither was acceptable and so she started an amazing community called Lakeview Ranch.  A place where no one is asked to leave even when they would run out of funds.
Eloise Pohlad was married one of the country’s most successful businessmen — the owner of the Minnesota Twins, Carl Pohlad. She cultivated a close family and enjoyed the opportunities her husband’s wealth created for them all. Yet, in the end, both Evelyn and Eloise faced the great equalizer — memory-robbing, life-stealing dementia.

Together the families of these two women are making a difference.

judy berrys mom and pohlands momClick Above to Watch this News Feature

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