The Long Trip to Arlington

The Long Trip to Arlington,    Author Kathryn Jeffers

Book Review by Lori La Bey of Senior Lifestyle Trends


This is a great audio book ideal for seniors, their families, and staff. 

This a story of a family caring for their Father and their journey of investigation, dysfunction, understanding, and healing.   You will find many intriguing stories of: World War II, Pearl Harbor, the tenacity of getting a Silver Metal awarded to their Father; but most importantly this is a story of love and healing through the Caregiving process.  

I am far from a history buff but I have to admit I hated the times I had to stop listening to the story to do other things in my life.  Kathryn’s writing will draw you in.  Her voice will scoop you up and grab your attention throughout the book. You will feel you are sitting right next to her as she reads their family journey.  I also have to say,  I found myself making excuses to get back to the book, and even rearranged my schedule so I could finish it! 

After hearing this story you will not view Caregiving or war the same. 

This book is a great example of the importance of legacy stories and I highly recommend it. 

For more information on purchasing the audio book, please contact Author, Kathryn Jeffers at:


Kathryn Jeffers  –   PO Box 331, Iola, WI  54945


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