The Power Of Music With Memory Loss, There Is No Mistaking It!

The Power of Music It’s a small world when you start connecting the dots.  Today a good friend of mine Grant Watkins referred his friend Jim Foltz, owner of Tyrol Hills Music to me.  We had a wonderful time talking and I found out Jim sells CD’s mostly instrumental, featuring music which is popular with the elderly.  Jim has begun to see the power his music has for the population, especially for the ill and those with memory loss.  He has received many letters and comments from people telling him his music reunites people with a special time in their life and brings a calmness them.  His music puts a spark back in their eyes, in their bodies.   Here is a sampling of comments Jim has received:

 “You are my Sunshine” C.D has brought so much joy to our community. It is rare to find a C.D that I can conduct my whole morning
stretch program to. The order and mix of songs keep me from having to switch CD’s during my program. We love it! Thank you.”   

Jeannie S.  Life Enrichment Director – Clare Bridge, Bend Oregon

 “I am the Resident Care Coordinator at The Palms Assisted Living and Memory Care in Roseville, CA Thank you very much for the wonderful CD, You are My Sunshine. Our residents have enjoyed listening to it. They sing along and it brings smiles to many faces. Our goal is to bring comfort and reassurance to our residents that can be feeling so lost and afraid. Familiar music is essential. So many times short term memory is lost, but that long term memory remains. A resident that may now be non-verbal or speak very little hears a melody and they will sing along. That’s when smiles are then on the faces of our caring staff.” 

Danielle R. – Resident Care Coordinator, The Palms Assisted Living and Memory Care, Roseville, CA

 “I wish to tell you that our residents here at Bickford of Burlington Assisted Living and Memory Care absolutely LOVE the CD.   We have a 7 bed Memory Care unit and a 37 bed Assisted Living community which also houses Memory, Depression, and blindness. This has been just wonderful to watch as the music plays they spring in their steps and the singing or humming along with the music. Thank you.” 

Sharon C. – Life Enrichment Coordinator, Bickford of Burlington

 Here is a small sample list of songs he has captured on eleven CD’s:

 On Eagles Wings, Danny Boy,  Amazing Grace, That’s Amore,  I Got Rhythm,  Bye Bye Blackbird,   Music, Music, Music, You Raise Me Up,  You Are My Sunshine, Even a Long List Holiday Favorites…

 Check out Tyrol Hills Music for yourself and play a few free samples off each CD.  I was impressed, and I’m sure you will be too!   Here is the link 

If you haven’t tried using the power of music with your loved one, I encourage you to take the time and pop in a CD, and sit back and watch what happens.

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