The Story of Alzheimer’s Music Connect

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The Story of Alzheimer’s Music Connect

Like nearly six million other families, Alzheimer’s disease has touched mine. While my family suspected something was wrong with Mom, we were nonetheless devastated when our suspicions were confirmed by her diagnosis. Her first symptoms manifested themselves five years ago and it’s been two years since the diagnosis. In that time, my family and I have witnessed amazing changes in her personality. Where she was once the social “butterfly”, Mom has slowly withdrawn from almost all interaction with friends and to a lesser extent even family.

So, what can be done to keep Mom connected for as long as possible? This question became my quest. With a thirty-year career in the music industry, it was there that I naturally turned for the answer. After months of researching music as a therapy for Alzheimer’s patients, I learned of the incredible impact that a positive musical experience could have on patients from relieving stress and anxiety to improved scores on cognitive-function tests. Therein I found a potential solution to keeping Mom connected, which lead to the creation of Alzheimer’s Music Connect.

Alzheimer’s Music Connect addresses the therapeutic music needs of Patients and their Caregivers. Utilizing an exclusive, patent pending Altus Oscillation technique, Alzheimer’s Music Connect adds rhythmical sound waves that enhance specially selected music resulting in a much more effective listening experience. The goal being to have the Alzheimer’s patient reach a desired “state of mind” i.e., relaxed, calm alertness, a reminiscent or even creative condition. What the company has developed is a non-pharmaceutical product capable of relaxing Alzheimer’s Patients while providing valuable respite for their Caregivers.

We have received reports from both professional and non-professional Caregiver that their patients have displayed an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our music product. Testimonials range from patients expressing recognition of the music by raising their arms up high and patting their feet to singing along with the songs.  Caregivers have also indicated that their patients become relaxed and in turn so do they.

Most people with Alzheimer’s feel content and safe if they have a predictable daily routine, are engaged in activities that are uncomplicated, and receive a daily dose of reassuring experiences. Alzheimer’s Music Connect’s enhanced music has the ability to create that environment and provide the invaluable downtime needed by the Caregiver. This is where Alzheimer’s Music Connect comes in. Our value is in providing “Comfort for Patients—and—Relief for Caregivers.”

With limited access to music therapists and a lack of readily available music programs, the number of patients that currently benefit from having a positive music experience is severely restricted. Alzheimer’s Music Connect has changed that situation. Caregivers now have access to a proven effective, inexpensive means to provide a holistic approach to managing their loved one’s Alzheimer’s disease in their home.

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To learn more about Alzheimer’s Music Connect and to order our products, please visit our website at or contact our Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Cheryl Khaner, directly at 631.835.9111 or


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