Things To Consider When You Put Your Family Action Plan

Things To Consider When You Put Your Family Action Plan    by Lori La Bey

  • Develop a Support Team and get educated
    • Doctors
    • Home Health Care
    • Elder Law Attorneys
    • Financing Planners
    • Realtor
  • Discuss the disease and talk real life situations
  • Learn to remove  your fears and others about the disease
  • Learn to make opportunities out of obstacles
  • Pay attention!  Identify Stress Triggers for you and the patient
  • Make a Favorite Memory List to refer to now and in the future
  • Talk openly
  • Feel the emotions of the disease and then move forward
  • Help change perceptions of the disease and those affected by it
  • Prepare for the changes ahead
  • Accept the fact everyone will deal with the disease differently
  • Realize you cannot change or control others reactions, only your own
  • Know you will get through this experience and be stronger for it
  • Education reduces fear and bad decisions
  • Share the responsibilities – plan
  • Understand and accept things won’t be perfect, most likely they never were, Stop holding on to that standard, it is not realistic!
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Be compassionate to all
  • Don’t forget your own family balance
  • Remember, if you try to control everything, you can’t!
  •  Allow others to help and participate
  • Remember it is ok to modify the plans as you go.  It’s a good thing.
  • Build a support system for the family as well as individual with Alzheimer’s
  • Make clear communication a priority. Break down the steps
  • Identify lines of communication and responsibility
  • Realize things will change constantly, learn to go with the flow
  • Step out of your box, get creative,  learn to Live To Be Pllafull™
  • Appreciation how intertwined we all are
  • Maintain relationships and building new ones
  • Keep The Pride Principle™ intact for all through love and laughter
  • Look at the disease as a series of gifts
  • Embrace the gifts before you
  • Find peace in letting go and learning to just BE

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