“This Is Your Life” Approach To Memory Care

“This Is Your Life”

Approach To Memory Care

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Tuesday we will have Darryl Duncan who is a veteran, award winning songwriter & producer and founder of a new company called Aria Musicholistics. Darryl was inspired by his own grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer’s and passed away at 102. Aria is a powerful and revolutionary new service that uses a unique “This is your life” approach to memory care that engages, stimulates and entertains to truly awaken the souls of seniors.

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Website: http://www.ariamusicholistics.com

Email: info@ariamusicholistics.com

By phone: 1-855-554-ARIA

Resources For Dementia And Caregiving

Fragile Storm – A Powerful Short Film About Dementia


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 Voices of Those Diagnosed with Dementia  – Dementia Chats™ was created with the intention to educate people living with dementia; their care partners family and friends as well as professionals and advocates.  Our Experts are those diagnosed with dementia.

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