This Memorial Day Was Different For Me. How Was Yours?


This Memorial Day Was Different For Me.

How Was Yours?

Memorial Day is such a significant day and touches people in powerful ways, making us slow down and not take life for granted.

This year Memorial weekend was different for me. I was more emotional the week or so prior in anticipation of the holiday.  I have such great respect for all our Veterans and their families who have or are currently severing to protect all of us in the United States.  Our news channels here in Minnesota, have been covering that an organization will be putting a single Memorial Day flag at each grave site at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.  This will be the first time in 35 years, there will be a flag placed with everyone laid to rest at Fort Snelling National Cemetery for Memorial Day. 

Check Out the FaceBook Group below who gave such a beautiful gift

to our Minnesota Soldiers and their Families

Memorial Day always takes me back to thoughts of my Father who I so greatly miss.  He has been gone since 2001, and what I wouldn’t do to have him back in my life again.  Dad served our country and then he served our family and his various circles of friends.  He had a rich life when it came to family and friends.  He was a good man all the way around and a wonderful example of how to treat others.  I salute you Dad and I hope you know how much you are missed and loved. 

Dad on my wedding day.

This year, in addition to all the soldier’s, we have lost, I felt the pain of people struggling with the loss of their loved ones who have passed or are in the end stages of life.  Comments on social media for many were deep and raw, for others cryptic and gnawing, but none the less painful, unsettled and grieving.   

For me, my Mother falls into this category.  She did not serve our country through one of our armed services, but she did serve her family, friends and community at large in many ways.  Mom has been gone 4 years now after losing her 30 year battle with dementia.  She too was a warrior in her own way.   

My Mom in her end stage of dementia, but joy filled her soul through music

For both of my parents I feel a tremendous loss, as I’m sure each Veteran who has passed has a field of family and friends who feel the pangs of loss and love.  I so love that here in Minnesota people are working together to make a huge inclusive statement to honor our Vets by placing flags on each and every grave.  The site of this alone is powerful and breath-taking. It’s something I would love to see every cemetery do.  Not only does it show respect, but it makes an important statement that each and every life has value and that value never fades.

May we join together today and in the days ahead, feeling graced to have had those we have lost our lives to begin with, knowing with great love and respect comes great grief and loss which leaves a void.  A void which can only be refilled with love and compassion.  So do something to share your story of love, loss, grief and compassion.  Let others know how important your Veteran was to you. Share their story and how they touched you. 

May we learn to cherish our relationships,

value the opportunities life gives us

and live with an attitude of gratitude.

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