Thoughts on Mother’s Day from Alzheimer’s Speaks

Thoughts on Mother’s Day from Alzheimer’s Speaks

Expand your gratitude on Mother’s Day  

Today is a special day, Mother’s day.  It is a day to honor and appreciate those women in our lives who gave birth to the children of the world.  Let us raise our glasses and cheer all the beautiful women who nurture us physically, mentally, and emotionally.   

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 I love you and appreciate all you have done for me throughout the years and all you have taught me through your journey with Alzheimer’s disease.”        

 Lori La Bey

Yet, I would like to see Mother’s Day belong to all women who have contributed to our lives in a healthy supportive fashion.  Not just those who have literally given birth to a child or become a Mother in the physical sense, but for the world to recognize those women who have added grace and value in our lives.  Think about all the women that have affected your life; like a teacher, or a neighbor, or a friend.  It might have been a friend’s Mother who was there for you, or your boss, or co-worker.  It may have been a perfect stranger who just happened to say the right thing at the right time to you.  Have you taken the opportunity to thank these women?

Don’t you think it’s time we thank all women for their important roles in your life?  Including them in your Mother’s Day rituals is not to take away anything from those who have physically cared and love us.  It is about appreciating and feeling the gratitude for all women who contribute to Mothering the world.  To all who have help to oversee that our needs are met.

Expand your gratitude on Mother’s Day with a Gratitude Box

I want to introduce to you a concept called the Gratitude Box.  The Gratitude Box can be a physical box, a book or journal, a file on your computer, or a fish bowl or vase… it really doesn’t matter the form you pick.  It is all about recognizing and appreciating the precious moments in life that we so easily forget or overlook.  The concept is simple and easy to become part of your own personal daily pattern.   

First, pick the format you want to use for your Gratitude Box.  This means, is it going to be a physical box or chest?  Is it going to be a basket or vase type; or are you going to write in a book, journal or on the computer?

Second, pick a time of the day you are able to take five minutes of private time. No interruptions, no excuses…  I find right before I go to bed at night is perfect for me.

Third, at your specified time each day take your five minutes to relax and just review your day.  What happened that day you are grateful for?  It might be something that someone did for you or something you did for another. I might be something you saw, touched, or tasted…   It might be a thought or idea that came to you…  The nice thing with gratitude is the small things are just as important as the big things in life.  All becomes equal in life and living in the gratitude box.

 Step four, just jot down what you are grateful for.  Put it in whatever format you picked to document your gratitude moments.

Remember, the Gratitude box serves purposes: 

1)      One, to recognize the wonderful things that occur in your life.

2)      Two, reminding you of the wonderful things in your life when you are feeling a bit down. 

I hope everyone enjoys this day and finds gratitude in and for their own life.


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