Tis the Season for Fun, Dysfunction, and Caregiving Revelations.

Preparing for the Holidays                 by Lori La Bey

The holiday season is upon us and it “Tis the Season for Fun, Dysfunction, and Caregiving Revelations.”

The holidays breeds stress.  In order to limit the damage we must have a realistic plan… 

1)  Be open mined,

2)  Love unconditionally, and

3)  Let go of control! 

When we are able to do these three things, life is much calmer.  We find ourselves laughing and appreciating those around us for who they are.  Not who we wish they were in our perfect little worlds.  Remember, others have the same thoughts as we do.  We probably are not living up to their standards either. 

Well, doesn’t that thought put a twist on things! 

The nerve of them.  The nerve of us.  Judging others not something we think about often, but we do frequently.

As a friend of mine Mark LeBlanc says, “DONE IS BETTER THEN PERFECT!”  Keep in mind the holiday season is short, even though some days it seems like it will never end.  The expectations we have of others needs to melt away.  We should focus on ourselves, and those we care for.

Life is about living, and being true to ourselves.  It is not about measuring up to others perceived ideas of who we should be, or how we should do things.  When we are respectful of others and ourselves, we can find balance.

This is critical to keep in mind when dealing with those you care for.  It’s not about them coming to meet us where we have drawn the line in the sand for standards. 

It is about us coming to meet them where they are able to be.  Where they are the most independent and live with the utmost dignity. 

Let go of your standards and memories of what was. 

Be thankful for what is before you. 

Look for the miracles we miss everyday.  Slow down and you will see them.  Enjoy the essence of the people in your life and what they have to offer you, and you them. 

Illness does not give us the right to tip the tables and feel we are the only ones giving.  The people we care for give us much, and many times we take them for granted.  

Start a new tradition like I am this holiday season.  Get a journal and ask the important people in your life to note what they are thankful for.  You may be surprised at how much we all have, even though the media tends to play up what we have lost in these economic times.   

Begin your journal of gratitude.  Your journal of life.  Your journal of love.  Keep the memories.  Document what is important to you and others. 

What a wonderful read if you are feeling down or disconnected with others.  What a great way to infuse the simple things life has to offer each of us.  What a fantastic way to realize life truly is about simple pleasure that don’t have to cost a nickel.

Hoping you all have a fantastic Holdiay Season!

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