Here is another beautiful poem by one of our followers, William Brochinsky.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Today, we laughed
Tomorrow, cry
Future days to question why

Dynamics change

Transitions  alter trajectories
What was a present today
May be absent tomorrow
Waxing and waning of faculties
Like the moon’s orbit around her mortality.

Spirit giveth and taketh
a continual, unending, barter of dualism
universality, fundamental expectations
We must embrace life, with tenacity
when we can no longer deny the ensuing fate.

Tomorrow may erode the particles of solidity

Wondrously replenished in darkness of rest
Then upon my awake
erodes again and again
her world misplaces terrain daily
even if she smiles buoyantly in void stare

we laughed hysterically, at a circumstance today
were we to cry? to sob? to risk drought
in a flood of endless tears?
Today was not the day to purge
leave that till tomorrow
when I may have the strength to withstand
or she may simply just forget
a priceless back-handed  gift

to no longer recall.

There is complexity, weaved into her exit corridor
Irony in her denouement.

Lost expectations.

A sea of uncertainty, that is dementia.

Watching regression back to infancy

While absent siblings sing their own melancholy songs


Odd callings to return to the heavenly womb
go unnoticed to mere observers
One has to be present to feel the pain of her desire.
the slow shedding of what was
strewn along her path…  to gone…to God.

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