Vascular Dementia – An Inside Perspective with Paulan Gordon

Vascular Dementia –

An Inside Perspective

Welcome to Conscious Caring Resources™ a new platform developed by Alzheimer’s Speaks to educate, share insights and raise awareness.  (Our other platforms are: Alzheimer’s Speaks  Radio – Blog- Dementia Chats™ Webinars and an international Resource Directory. In addition we do Keynotes- Training and Consulting)  We believe in giving voice and enriching lives around the world when it comes to our dementia are culture.  We hope you enjoy our inaugural launch.

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Today our guest is Paulan Gordon, who is diagnosed with Vascular dementia. She is a strong advocate involved in many initiatives including Alzheimer’s Speaks Educational Webinars called Dementia Chats.


Today Paulan talks about her booklet, Vascular Dementia – An Inside Perspective, which you can get on amazon for .99. It has great insights and will help many around the world. Listen in and pickup some great insights and tips!

Here are the titles to the chapters in the booklet:
Chapter 1: Dementia in the Dark
Chapter 2: Humor & Other Tension Breaking Activities
Chapter 3: What Led To My Diagnosis
Chapter 4: Developing a Support System
Chapter 5: Vascular Dementia Defined & Compared to Alzheimer’s Disease
Chapter 6: Early Signs of Dementia
Chapter 7: The Forgetfulness of Dementia
Chapter 8: Symptoms of Vascular Dementia
Chapter 9: Contributing Factors to Development of Vascular Dementia
Chapter 10: Traveling With Dementia
Chapter 11: Advance Directives & Power of Attorney
Chapter 12: People with Dementia are not Stupid

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You can purchase her book “Vascular Dementia – An Inside Perspective” go to Amazon:

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2 Replies to “Vascular Dementia – An Inside Perspective with Paulan Gordon”

  1. Great episode which I was able to listen to today. I think it’s wonderful that Paulan has created this booklet to help other live better with their dementia. Best wishes with Conscious Caring Resources™ as well 🙂

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