Protecting the Mental Health of Our Seniors and Those with Dementia

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Talks with WellQor a Full-Service

Psychology Practice

June 21st, 2018

2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST, 7pm London

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Lori La Bey, host of Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio interviews Dr. Paul Nussbaum; Chief Clinical Officer and Stephen Swartz: Chief Operations Officer of WellQor which helps senior live a healthier and happier life. WellQor is a full-service Psychology Practice offering a comprehensive psychological examination to include cognitive, emotional, and psycho-social factors that permit their well trained clinical staff to render an accurate diagnoses along with proper treatment. Their team consists of Licensed Psychologists and Social Workers. We will talk about how their company can assist those diagnosed with or caring for someone with dementia.                                         

Contact Information for WellQor:



Phone:    844-888-0355

Fax:        844-222-4005


June 9th, 2018 – Over 200 people packed the room to hear Cyndy Luzinski and

Lori La Bey speak on living graciously with dementia.

Dementia-Friendly Communities of Northern Colorado is a local nonprofit organization which provides life enrichment opportunities (including memory cafes), care partner support, and dementia-friendly business education. We exist so that no one walking the dementia journey has to walk alone.


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