Help your loved one with shadows and hallucinations

What can you do to help your loved one

with shadows and hallucinations?

By Harry Urban of Forget Me Not

harry UrbanAlzheimer’s sometimes will make me see a moving shadow but when I look, nothing is there. I may look at something and get confused and think it is something else. This usually occurs in the evening hours and could be associated with sundowners.

I found these suggestions that might help with the confusion.

• Paint walls a light color to reflect more light. Use solid colors, which are less confusing to an impaired person than a patterned wall. Large, bold prints (for example, floral in wallpaper or drapes) may cause confusing illusions.

• Make sure there is adequate lighting, and keep extra bulbs handy in a secured place. Dimly lit areas may produce confusing shadows or difficulty with interpreting everyday objects.

• Reduce glare by using soft light or frosted bulbs, partially closing blinds or curtains, and maintaining adequate globes or shades on light fixtures.

• Remove or cover mirrors if they cause the person with Alzheimer’s disease to become confused or frightened.

• Ask if the person can point to a specific area that is producing confusion. Perhaps one particular aspect of the environment is being misinterpreted.

• Vary the home environment as little as possible to minimize the potential for visual confusion. Keep furniture in the same place.

• Have the person with Alzheimer’s disease avoid watching violent or disturbing television programs. The person with Alzheimer’s disease may believe the story is real.

• Do not confront the person with Alzheimer’s disease who becomes aggressive. Withdraw and make sure you have access to an exit as needed.

Feel free to reach out to Harry Urban on Facebook through his personal page or Forget Me Not the Support group he started for those dealing with Dementia – people diagnosed, family and professional care partners as well as advocates and those interested in learning more about the disease.


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