What Makes A Great Advocate?

What Makes A Great Advocate?

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One who is always with an open mind and not paying attention to just any one speaking.

Seeks answers from multiple experts not just people’s opinions.

Need to have the attitude that anything can be accomplished.

You must be able to find a way to go around someone that stands in your way.

Don’t assume people do not hear you or react to your request. You need to constantly follow up over and over even though it is repetitive. I like to call them as baby steps and over time that lead to walking and running.

Need to go to the right person to address things not just any one.

Don’t just complain about something but put it in writing and get it to a person that can actual make the change. Not just someone who will be sympathetic with you.

When something is wrong with a organization don’t just bad mouth them but make real recommendations on how to fix it and continue to address it with multiple people in that organization. Get others to help and do the same

Use the internet to your advantage to search for key people and to learn more about the person you are talking to or need to talk to.

Rely on your key contacts to help open you doors.

You need to act like your confident even if you are not.

Insure you are accurate with the information you provide. If you are not,make sure to tell them you don’t know. Your credibility is critical.

Don’t be based on any single organization or favor any part of government. You must remain completely none biased.

When you see or hear something wrong address it with a letter to the source.

Do not be afraid to tackle any issue you may not be aware of. If you get expert feedback on issues then you can address the issue and point people in the right direction.

Do not expect to be able to measure your results as some may take years to happen and you may never realize the benefit you may have helped shape. I have seen some take 3 years. Some you never hear back on.

You need to treat this as a real job and become a expert in what you are doing.

Need to have a real passion if you want to be successful.

It will be very stressful for months but it will get easier the more you push.

You will never be in the comfort zone but as long as you do your best that is okay.

The biggest problem I see with many folks they come into this with wrong opinions that they heard from some other source and most times they are not correct. Need to learn to tune that out otherwise you will get sucked into wasting your time with the wrong people that do not matter in bringing change.

If you know you are right about something then stick with it.

Don’t assume you know everything because there is so much more to know. You only know what you learned or could remember. That does not mean there is no other answer.

You will make mistakes and that is okay as long as you let them know when you do them.

All of this can be done at anyone’s speed or skill set, but it takes determination and commitment..

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