When Roles Reverse

Review of When Roles Reverse – Book and DVD   

by Lori La Bey of Senior Lifestyle Trends 

The Book – When Roles Reverse, A Guide To Parenting Your Parents, by Jim Comer

This book is jammed packed with great practical information.  Chapters are crafted to be short and succsinct so Caregivers can process all Jim has pulled together for them.  I love how he weaves his personal experiences and shares family photos throughout the book.  One of my favorite sections in this book are the “Comer’s Commandments” which summarize each chapter with Jim’s words of wisdom.  Jim has outlined fifty critical questions that will save you time, money, and tears.  He has also gathered a list of A to Z resources for Caregivers.  I highly recommend this book to Caregivers at any stage of the process. Jim has been there and done it, and if he felt something was missing he pulled information from other experts in the field to make sure all bases were covered for those in need.  You be pleasantly surprised chapter after chapter. 

The DVD – When Roles Reverse, The Joys and Jolts of Parenting Your Parents, by Jim Comer

Jim is an elegant professional speaker who knows how to entice an audience into his world as a son and Caregiver.  You will laugh and cry as you ride the emotional roller coaster with Jim as he shares his trials and tribulations of parenting his parents.  Caregivers will find this DVD fun and easy to watch.   You will  get practical tips for your own Caregiving journey.  At the end of the video, Jim answers audience questions, many which maybe on your own mind.  Caregivers who don’t like to read or don’t feel they have time to read will find this DVD well worth the investment. 

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