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  1. Hi
    I admire your strength as a woman and what you are experiencing and sharing will touch the hearts of many people ,always remember to pray for your Mom God does perform miracles when you trust in him without a doubt ,and have full faith especially when things seem impossible,for with a 1 snap of a finger God can change everything ,remember the story in the Bible of the woman who was 80 years old ,menopause ,but was able to give birth for they trusted God ? 🙂 God has proven himself to perform such miracles ,all you need is faith ,always pray beside her aloud with your heart and soul surrendered to God .Lori I would like to invite you to be part of the fullpotential community at http://fullpotential.com invite your friends to join as well.I invite everyone who visits this website as well.

    1. Hi Janneth,
      Thanks for checking us out here at Alzheimer’s Speaks. I appreciate your comments and advice. You are right, prayer is so powerful. Take care and I hope you contiue to be part of our community here.


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