You Might be a Caregiver if…

I love this from one of our readers – Nancy Dunn Thompson   Thanks Nancy!
Jeff Foxworthy has nothing on Virginia Valenzuela who shared what’s might identify you as a caregiver. Add to this list. On our wall. You might be a caregiver if–

1. Your new hobby is canceling credit cards, writing letters to collection agencies and canceling numerous magazine subscriptions.

2. You spend 1/3 of vacation time backtracking as you look for eyeglasses, purse, hat, gloves and sweaters.

3. You place most of the bills in a folder labeled, “I will think about this tomorrow.”

4. Going out to eat is a Big Mac or a Whooper.

5. An outing consists of going to get the mail.

6. You lobby your Congressional Rep. to have more hours added to the clock.

7. Taking care of yourself means…?

8. Coffee, cola, and aspirin are food groups.

9. You never sort your loved ones socks because they seem to like to wear them mismatched.

10. Your lawn has been declared a wildlife refuge.

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