Your Input Is IMPORTANT… Don’t Miss Your Chance To Be Heard on Alzheimer’s

Your Input Is IMPORTANT… 

 Don’t Miss Your Chance To Be Heard!

The National Alzheimer’s Project Act, the federal government is undertaking a historic effort to create a comprehensive strategy to overcome the Alzheimer’s disease crisis.  

But officials creating the National Alzheimer’s Plan need to hear from people like you!

The Alzheimer’s Association will submit all comments received through this  website to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services so that they know what you want to see in a National Alzheimer’s Plan.

Click Here and let your Voice be HEARD!


5 Replies to “Your Input Is IMPORTANT… Don’t Miss Your Chance To Be Heard on Alzheimer’s”

  1. I am a caretaker for my FIL. I quit my job to stay home with him, I’m one of the lucky ones I get paid for taking care of him. But most don’t and believe me it is the hardest thing I have ever done. I think all should get compensation,a lot of families can’t afford medicine much less pay a caretaker, which is usually a family member. I also believe we need more care homes since this disease is on a fast and steady rise.

  2. Thanks for telling us all to be involved so the Alzheimer’s Association have many comments to submit. This disease is only going to grow as America ages if we don’t do more research and find a cure.

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