New Music Video on Dementia & A Daughters Journey

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 New Music Video on Dementia

Hiding From The Rain

By Richard Roman and Jeana Potthoff

Hiding From The Rain is dedicated to the caregivers who tirelessly give their love and help to those afflicted with the devastating disease of Alzheimer’s.  Richard and Jeana share their personal stories and their goals for the movie today on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio.

They would like the song and film to be utilized to help give hope to dementia.  People can feel free to utilize the video via Youtube or request a DVD or sheet music for the song.

The Film tells a wonderful story of love and connections. The victims of the disease will forget us. Let’s Not Forget Them.  Please check out the website and feel free to contact Richard or Jeana through the site.


A Daughters Journey

Two Parents With Dementia

Janie Jasin – Speaker, Author and Caregiver

Janie shares her journey of dementia with both parents.  What were the similarities and differences?  How did it impact her life?  What did she do to survive living with the disease?  Listen to the second half of the show to find out the answers.  Feel free to contact Janie via her website and don’t forget to check out her new book ‘Traditions…Yeh Yeh Yeh”

5 Replies to “New Music Video on Dementia & A Daughters Journey”

  1. Very beautiful. And the victims don’t always forget. My grandmother’s been struggling with Alzheimer’s for a long time, but she still remembers me every time I visit. I pray that the day won’t come when she doesn’t – we’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Darnell

      Thanks for writing. Please keep in mind even if the time comes when she doesn’t remember you, know in your heart you are way more then a name. The important thing to keep in mind does she feel safe,happy and comfortable with you. You will be able to see these reactions through her none verbal communication.

      Keep in touch


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