Norrms McNamara on Dementia Awareness Day & RJ Thesman on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio Welcomes

Our Friend  Norrms McNamara

and Author RJ Thesman

Norrms is our friend from across the pond who is living with Lewy Body disease.  He is a leader in shifting our dementia care culture around the world.  In fact, this Saturday, September 15th, is the 2nd Dementia Awareness Day which he started and has thousands of people celebrating and campaigning for change.

For us here on Alzheimer’s Speaks we are having an Open Mic for Dementia Awareness Day on September 15th from 10am CST, 11am EST, 8am PST.  Please join us for the conversation we would love to hear your thoughts.

To listen to the show click on the white triangle in the black circle in the graphic below.

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Our first guest will be Norrms McNamara from the UK.  Norrms is a Super Advocate for Dementia, an Author, Spokesman and an Expert Living with Lewy Body Dementia.  He is an amazing man making huge shifts in our Dementia Care Culture World Wide.  I promise this will be a wonderful conversation and will spark many ideas for all of us to take seriously.

Norms can be contacted through facebook or

Our second guest will be RJ Thesman, Author of The Unraveling of Reverend G hit bookstores and eBookstores on August 6 and tells the story of a minister who gets a devastating diagnosis – dementia with the possibility of early-onset Alzheimer’s. Reverend G struggles with the pain of forgetting those she loves and the fear of losing her connection with God. With the help of her friends at the assisted living facility, she soon discovers there’s humor to be found in forgetting part of the Lord’s Prayer, finding her iron in the freezer and losing a half-gallon of ice cream. And she discovers that while the question she wants to ask is, ‘Why,’ the question that needs to be answered is, ‘Who.’


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