Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio Talks Turkey on Best Practices

Talking Turkey on Best Practices

For Dementia

I truly enjoyed the conversation with our guests today.  I get so excited hearing all the wonderful few things people are exploring to improve our Dementia Care Culture.  Listen to Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio and see what you think about the conversations.

Abe’s Garden is getting closer to becoming a reality.  Join us to hear the updates and what we can expect from this first of it’s kind facility for those with dementia.  What will set Abe’s Garden apart from other memory loss and daycare communities?  Listen in and find out and what Chairman of the Board, Michael Shmerling and Andrew Sandler, Executive Director and CEO of Abe’s Garden have to say.

Michael Schmerling
Dr. Andrew Sandler

Contact Abe’s Garden

Bethany Buchanan is the owner and the Director of Nursing of Grace Homes Residential Care Home for Seniors with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Bethany will explain more about how her care home is different and what she has found to work best for those with Dementia.  We will talk specifically on the chore program they use at Grace Homes             Contact Grace Homes

I get asked all the time about clinical trials and so I want to pass on this new one rolling out, by Tau RX Therapeutics, which is in it’s 3rd stage.  Here is a link which will bring you to a recorded webinar which will give you some great information so you can decide it this might be something of interest for you or your  loved one.

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