Dementia: Food For Thought – Nutrition and Medical Foods

Dementia: Food For Thought –

Nutrition and Medical Foods

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Today our guest was Dr. Richard Isaacson and what a great discussion we had!  He is the Author of “The Alzheimer’s Diet.”  We will discuss the importance of nutrition, the impact it has on our bodies and a new medical food that has shown in studies to help those with Dementia.  The product, Axona, is available now under prescription.

Dr. Isaacson can be reached via his Website


Dr_isaaacson_book_coverThe Alzheimer’s Diet: A Step-by-step Nutritional Approach for Memory Loss Prevention & TreatmentAlzheimer’s Treatment


Alzheimer’s Prevention: A Patient and Family Guide

There is a new medical trial being done which is looking for participants.  Information on the clinical trial:

Axona Facebook page

Here is the website for Axona

Axona on Twitter

2 Replies to “Dementia: Food For Thought – Nutrition and Medical Foods”

  1. Alzheimer’s illness is common in my family, I have been stressed at work for at least 16 years suffered depression my thoughts were blocked. So I knew the need to keep a watch on it, that was when I began to walk several times a week, 2 miles a day and realized that was a positive thing, but it got to a point my whole body started getting weaker, I needed some help. I started up training, the trainer came to my hometown 5 times a week and he told me that would be able to help me. I agreed with him and was happy I finally found solution not until I woke up one day and couldn’t walk. Tried out so many medications and diet but none of them was able to help me. In the process I knew about ZOMO, an herbal medicine for Alzheimer’s disease, I followed the blog address shared; I curiously contacted him and got ZOMO. I didn’t want to be disabled at my old age, and was so hungry for more healthy days on earth. My recovery involved both medicine and diet. I never had any complications I experienced while on English medications why using ZOMO. You may contact Dr. Charanjit via his email. or visit his blog via

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