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    Want to participate in the first documentary on Alzheimer’s global? Some Alzheimer’s caregivers from around the world will send our most exciting moments with patients. Those most significant testimony will mount a documentary that will premiere World Alzheimer’s Day (September 21) and will be broadcast on Television.

    Are searched

    Real and exciting stories without falling into sentimentality or victimhood. Stories of hope and the capacity to overcome to serve as an example to visualize this “docureal” and help them in their day to day.


    You have until July 25 to submit your videos. You can record your sequence with an iPhone or other smartphone, or through a video camera, and send the download link to the email: info@uveme.es.

    Where to upload your video

    To upload your video to network servers you can employ as http://www.sendspace.com, http://www.megaupload.com or otherwise.

    Important: We remember in the e-mail with a link to your video, you must not forget to write your consent to use the images you refer to the documentary.

    Cheer up! Participate in the first World Synchronized Documentary about Alzheimer’s. Let’s make history and continue raising awareness .. and this time from a special perspective.

    We caregivers are invited to send your videos!

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