6 Replies to “Join UK in World Wide Awareness – September 17th – Dementia Awareness Day”

  1. Norm is an inspiration to anyone coping with Alzheimer’s disease.

    His moving book “Me and My Alzheimers” is must reading for anyone who wants an “inside” look at people afflicted with AD.

    He is an effective advocate and spokesman for better understanding Ad.

    At iAgeWell, we’re designing a suite of Alzheimer’s caregiver apps for PCs, smartphones and Tablets like the iPad which will be better informed becasue of Norms mission.

  2. This is so great. I hope in the US we too can send up balloons etc… make folks aware of dementia and all the lives it affects.

  3. Thankyou to everyone on here for your commitment and continued support with our DAD and the Day to REMEMBER..

    For those who don’t know me, but see me on the poster, I work with people who have a form of dementia, and watch every day as a little bit more of them is lost. When Norms and I became facebook friends, I knew I had an advocate for the cause, so roped him in, because I find it difficult spreading the word due to my work commitments. So well done Norms. He is a true fighter and he isn’t gonna take this sitting down, and that is the fighting spirit that brings us all together.

    I hope this will be not only a fun day for everyone, but also bring about my intentions of getting the gov to sit up and take notice. It’s ok them saying this that and the other, but ARE they going to do something.

    We need funding put into this, to be able to find the gene and turn it off, find it now and get shot of it.

    I hope you all enjoy our DAD remember too, I chose this day as some of you may not know, but the day is actually Norms birthday… sorry Norms… let the cat out of the bag now haven’t I???

    well done partner in crime lol thanks to Elaine also for her continued support and allowing me to ”’borrow”’ her husband for this event.

    Cheers… Cher in Wiltshire

    1. HI Cher

      Thank you. I am looking forward to having Norrms on the radio show in the future. He’ll be on this Monday morning and again on the 21st. He has so much to share with the world! So glad you slipped the beans on Norrms Brithday! LOL


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