A Beautiful Poem About Alzheimer’s


By Paula Allen 


Down by the sea

on this beautiful day

Brings back memories

of my friend far away.


He became a fireman,

and later a nurse

Never thinking his studies

would bring him face to face

with the Alzheimer’s curse.


This disease that attacks the brain

was like a mirage that left me in doubt

and he in pain.


He got his degree and followed his dream,

Moved upstate by a running stream.


As a male nurse he was in great demand

The nursing home in town he worked

with compassionate command.


Such sorrow,

sadness he witnessed.

The alzheimer’s patients endure

Knowing there was to be no cure.


Years have passed and I received a note.

He had moved to a little hamlet  on

Long Island he wrote.


Retirement has come, if only I can.

Enjoy the long-term plan.


He used the phrase in the beginning

They’ve got me in the loop and I want to let go,

It was like a spider spinning his web in his head,

oh so slow


My kindhearted friend suffered with hallucinations,

confusion and sadness each morning,

The helplessness I felt

as the new day was dawning.


The compassionate nurse has now become

the patient, so filled with fear.

Is this the end of my retirement year?


Near the end he asked me to pray,

That someone, somewhere would find the cure someday.


Thank you Paula. We so appreciate you taking the time share your poem and heart with our community.

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