Independence Day – What does it make you think of?

Independence Day –

What does it make you think of?

For me, it triggers many things.  Fireworks and parties seems to be on the top of the list for most I talk to, yet this year I’m going a bit deeper for myself.  It’s a time of reflection on what it took to found the US and make it independent.  It’s about the price it cost us and how I want to look at being independent differently going forward.

I think of the bravery it took to break away and go away from a country many thought wasn’t working for them anymore and to create a new environment. To break away from a lifestyle which was the only one they ever knew.  To  reach for a vision they believed in with a passion.

Yet, as I look at what our country has become, I now want to break away from it, just as I have tried to do with dementia.  To stop accepting the status quo as normal, good and acceptable.  To try to improve the quality of care for those diagnosed and those caring for them.

Some may ask, but how does one start.  There in hand is your answer.


Stop being afraid of failure and fear.  The only real thing worth being afraid of is…

You not being all you can be.  You not standing up to your own values and You not using your talents.

As I have submerged myself in the world of dementia, I have found that what is lacking is not so much dementia specific but, rather our Care Culture.  This is something not really identified, appreciated or talked about.  So I ask you who have taken the time to read this to think about your own life – family, work, friends, community… and really do some soul-searching on how you as an individual can make our country strong and proud again, by becoming independent.  By becoming a leader.  If you are like me you don’t even like to listen to the news as it is all about disrespect and harm to others.

If we individually concentrate on our Care Culture, we can each take small steps which will have a big impact.  If we believe in the ripple effect of one.  If we understand and embrace the power each person holds to create change; not only with ones self, but our personal sphere of influence and the world as a whole.

If we all choose to step up and step out to make a difference.  If we choose brilliance and love verse destruction and hate.  If we choose acceptance verse judgement.  If we choose trust over defiance. If we choose a better life for ourselves and others.

Become independent in thoughts, words and actions to make this world a better place.  One we can be proud of. One which lifts souls verse slamming them to the ground. Do so, in any area that aligns with you and your authentic being will be seen, heard and noticed.

When looking at the fireworks tonight, think of all that is possible. All you can change, if you choose to believe in the power of yourself.

May we all have a wonderful and safe 4th of the July.  I look forward to watching our care culture shift to one of compassion and collaboration in the coming years ahead.

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