A Play You Must See – My Mother Has Four Noses

Are  You Dealing  With Someone

With Memory Loss?

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This Is A Play You Must See!

A Story of Dementia, Caregiving and

Unconditional Love

At the Guthrie’s Dowling Studio

December 16th and 17th shows start at 7:30pm


This one woman show by Jonatha Brookes, an award winning singer and song writer is so beautifully written and performed there should be a warning label with it, “Empty your bladder and bring Kleenex” because you will be brought to tears and lifted with joy as your belly aches from laughing.  You are going to adore her music and the magic in her messaging!

purchase_your_tickets_now_graphic_Jonatha’s mom did have four noses, and at least as many names. She was a published poet, a clown, a Christian Scientist and her eccentric personality shines throughout the play. In addition, she had Alzheimer’s disease. But in her final years, she raised her theatrics to a new level.

Together Jonatha and her mother share their passion for words and music.   Their unwavering sense of humor is the glue to their oh so special relationship. To this day, I can still hear Jonatha’s mother call out, “Boolie,” (Jonatha’s nic name) and my heart melts as I feel the warmth of their love portrayed in this play.

On December 17th, 2013,

A Bonus “Talk Back” session following the play which is an interactive discussion with the audience and key professionals in the in the industry. 

I hope you can join us!

This powerful one-woman musical show features acclaimed singer/songwriter Jonatha Brooke. It features ten new songs to complement the performance and  tells a very unusual love story of a mother and daughter.

My Mother Has Four Noses has played to sold out houses at:

Playwrights’ Center, MN,

the Warner Theater in Torrington, CT, and

World Café Live for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to See It Here In Minnesota!

purchase_your_tickets_now_graphic_“I Hope To  See You There I’ll Be There Both Evenings.”

~ Lori La Bey

Hear from Jonatha herself about making an album, book and full production of her play ‘My Mother Has Four Noses’!

Check out some of Jonatha’s songs

Here is a link to an article the Jon Bream a journalist with the Star Tribune did back in August on Jonatha and the play.

For more resources regarding dementia, caregiving and Alzheimer’s disease check out our website below.


2 Replies to “A Play You Must See – My Mother Has Four Noses”

  1. Lori, I am so pleased that you are coordinating the Dec 17th Talk Back after the musical production of My Mother Has Four Noses. I will be attending on the 16th but will hope to return on the 17th. Jonatha is a phenomenal singer/ talented performer. I loved this production in August at the Playwright Center and really encourage everyone to attend. This is exciting to have Jonatha now at the Guthrie. I trust NYC Broadway will be next !!!

    1. Hi Nancy
      Thank you so much for writing in. I too am so thrilled this play is getting such great exposure! It is so fabulous and I don’t throw that word our there lightly. In August the audience was so engaged you couldn’t stop people from talking about it if you wanted too! Looking forward to seeing at the production. I will be there both days..

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